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Projects and references

Nattfoto - Night Photography

A website about night photography with many night photos. The site is based on the blog platform WordPress and customized by Tronit to fit the site's purpose.

Fritida - Find leisure activities

Tronit did all programmering for Fritida. The site is a cooperation between Tronit and Alisso.

Name Dice - Word generator

Name Dice generates new names/words, which can aid you in e.g. creating a new domain name or company name. - Webshop is a webshop that is selling laser toner, CD/DVD media and accessories. Tronit has made a number of scripts to facilitate the administration. E.g. added support for barcodes and barcode scanner and printing of address labels.


Naturlek manufactures equipment for playgrounds and parks. Tronit created Naturlek's web site.

Solgläntans kattpensionat

Tronit created Solgläntan's web site.

More projects

More projects are being developed, but not yet available to the public.